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Getting booked for a show as an up-and-coming artists can be difficult. Most of your earlier shows will be promotional opportunities, until your demand gets to a point that you can charge money. If you do produce a show, make sure you leave some money in the budget to professionally document the show with quality video and photos. Remember: the goal is to get people to come out. Under no circumstances should you do any pay-for-play shows…EVER!

The only time you may consider coming out of pocket for a show is if you have an opportunity to open for a dope artist on the road. Want to make more money on your tour? Check out these cool innovative companies:. Licensing is another great way to make money.

The amount of money and opportunity for licensing will depend on your popularity, lyrical content and style of music. Most companies license music because of the connection a track has with their product, service or audience. A music supervisor is trying pick a song for a movie or commercial that fits vibe or content.

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Make sure you have split sheets for all your music. The company Song Splits will make that process easy for you. This is a passive source of income for indie artists, but do NOT expect to be getting rich off these deals. Fan-Funding is an excellent option for any artist hoping to grow, engage and monetize their fan base. Fan-Funding is NOT asking or begging for money.

Expert Advice: Things are changing so fast in today's music industry that it's important to continuously educate yourself. New ways to monetize your music are being developed every year. If you aren't aware of the new opportunities as they become available, then you could be missing out on potential money. Read books and blogs, listen to podcasts, and subscribe to relevant newsletters so you can be first to take advantage of the platforms that make sense for you.

Since , Darius has helped his clients reach millions of potential customers, while growing his own businesses. In addition to working with businesses and brands, he's also the founder of Artist Shortcut - a blog designed to help hip-hop artists with marketing and business. This leaves you with two options: 1. Make Your Own Money This is straightforward.

The "Motivated" Musician's Way To Make $100,000 A Year...

Take Money From Someone Else This option allows you to delay monetizing your music career, but only at the expense of having to share control of your career with someone else. Here are a few avenues to explore: 1. Merchandise Monetizing your music career through merchandise is one of the best ways to bring in revenue.

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MerchCat is a way to organize inventory, track payments, and get real-time reports. Gear Launch helps with e-commerce from production to fulfillment to customer service. Music Glue is a specialist e-commerce platform for the music business. They make it easy for fans to buy music, merchandise, tickets and experiences directly from the artists. Creative Allies is great if you need help designing your merch, check out Creative Allies. Run a contest and engage your graphic designer fans.

Creative Allies helps celebrities, artists and consumer brands execute marketing campaigns and engage customers by engaging designers from around the world.

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Qrates helps turn your music into Vinyl. You can start by taking pre-orders or press with crowdfunding from little as copies. Teespring is a platform that allows you to create different designs and place them on different pieces of merchandise. That merchandise can then be purchased directly by fans without you having to put any money towards inventory.

Live Shows Live shows, and tours, are an important revenue source for every successful artist.

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Licensing Licensing is another great way to make money. Pro-Tips Focus on building fans before trying to monetize your music career. The ABC format consists of hour-long episodes, each containing two complete pairs of games. The two players who won the most money would compete in the finals, while the losing contestants from the semi-finals competed in a "wild card" match on Friday to determine who would join them.


If the grand prize was not won, that player played the next game against the finalist who sat out the previous game, continuing in this manner throughout the week until someone won in the Winners' Circle. If neither contestant did so on a particular episode, the one who accumulated more money in the Winners' Circle returned on the next show to compete against the contestant who had not played on that episode in the event of a tie, a coin toss determined who returned.

On the Osmond version, tournaments lasted for exactly three episodes, and rules varied depending on whether four or six champions had qualified. Unlike the Clark and Davidson versions, the "Super Six" bonus remained in play during the Osmond era tournaments and was played for larger prizes than usual. Donny Osmond hosted a short-lived revival, which used a similar set and the same music package as the American revival hosted by Osmond.

This version was hosted by Shura Taft until , with Graham Matters taking over the following year. Versions in French, both titled Pyramide , were produced at different times in France and in Canada. However, due to concerns about players easily memorizing possible Winners' Circle subjects, the format of the board game's Winners' Circle endgame was changed to mirror that of the TV version's main game.

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This version was reissued in by Endless Games, [46] which later released a new edition based on the Osmond version in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For the Australian game show, see Pyramid Australian game show. JD Roberto.

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