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Foglers unique way of presenting the material helps students gain a deep, intuitive understanding of the fields essentials through reasoning, not memorization. He especially focuses on important new energy and safety issues, ranging from solar and biomass applications to the avoidance of runaway reactions.

Fler böcker av H Scott Fogler

Thoroughly classroom tested, this text reflects feedback from hundreds of students at the University of Michigan and other leading universities. It also provides new resources to help students discover how reactors behave in diverse situationsincluding many realistic, interactive simulations on DVD-ROM.

Extensive additional DVD resources include: Summary notes, additional examples, derivations, audio commentary, and self-tests Web modules applying key concepts to standard and nonstandard problems, such as the use of wetlands to degrade toxic chemicals I Bloggat om Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering. Successfully integrates text, visuals, and computer simulations to help both undergraduate and graduate students master the fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering Contains new examples, problems, and video instruction helping students to explore key issues, seek optimum solutions, and practice critical thinking and creative problem-solving Presents expanded coverage of crucial safety topics to address the latest ABET requirements Includes expanded coverage of bioreactions and industrial chemistry, introduced with real reactors and reactions.

Fogler has added new examples and new problems to each chapter, and increased the emphasis on safety, fully reflecting the latest ABET requirements.

The result is a chapter book targeting US graduate level courses, programs that wish to use Elements in the first undergraduate course and graduate course, and the international market which overwhelming prefers to use Elements with its combination of undergrad and graduate materials. Fogler is also recording video instruction to supplement this edition. In addition, eBook versions of this text will be available for the first time.

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Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan. He has been research advisor to forty-five Ph.

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Pruitt Award from the Council for Chemical Research. Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering Zoom.