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Smithey values these pre-class assignments because they save classroom time and improve the quality of class discussion. We are able then to discuss particular class dilemmas or teaching dilemmas that everyone has watched, analyzed and reflected upon. So, we can start there and go with our class discussion rather than having to take 20 or 30 minutes of class showing the video and asking the specific questions.

Technology can also improve the dynamics between teachers and students, often leading to enhanced learning. Students who may question how much their professors care about teaching can also see evidence of the time and trouble taken to prepare for class. Technology Brings Challenges Introducing technology into the classroom can also bring a set of challenges. First among them is finding the time needed to incorporate new technology into courses. Professor Smithey not only uses the technology herself but also requires her student to produces multi-media projects during the semester. You have to have support.

There has to be some relief time to learn about the technology. The technology itself can fail, leaving an instructor to resort to back up. Technology also changes rapidly and it takes time to keep up with technical changes that influence how equipment and software perform in the classroom.

Professors Tomarken and Owens also note that having computers in the classroom can distract students from the class itself. Some people take notes on the computer, some people try to get the lecture slides up on their screen so they can see them up close, some people do e-mail, surf the net, do whatever. Need for University Support Support by the University for the use of technology is also critical.

How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning

Bringing technology into the classroom uses resources ranging from computers to classrooms to graduate assistants, and university wide coordination is essential for ensuring an effective learning environment for students. You can continue to use CDs that you have in your own library, you can continue to connect to the Internet from the classroom, but additional faculty support is necessary to take technology use to the next level of requiring our students to use technology in a way that prepares them for using it in the future classrooms.

Physical facilities are also important. Moving Forward with Technology As the University moves towards an increasingly coordinated approach to the use of technology, several efforts are underway at Vanderbilt to determine just how technology can be used to most effectively enhance learning.

The history of technology in education

Among is several priorities is research into the value of technology, such as web-based education for teaching bioengineering. Well, is that right or not? And if you can begin to show major advances for some of this, then the justification for the additional investment is there. Another potential benefit this research offers is the opportunity to develop a much better understanding of the kinds of resources required for faculty to use technology in ways that consistently enhance student learning. We have to know how to do it and what to do.

Top 6 benefits of using technology in the classroom

So if we get in and do research in this center and we find out some of the mistakes and things you ought to avoid, I think that you could tailor a system that could dramatically increase effectiveness and make faculty more effective. Harris believes that effective use of technology has the potential to transform the student-teacher relationship at the undergraduate level. Like Harris, Professors Owens, Smithey and Tomarken also see new opportunities to use technology in the classroom.

David Owens wants to pursue his interest in virtual teams by developing a course run exclusively on the Internet. Andy Tomarken plans to continue integrating computer interaction with more traditional classroom activities. Evaluation of the Ready to Learn Initiative.

Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology

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