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America's Gun Addiction Our nation is addicted to guns, with increasingly deadly consequences. A Nation in Spiritual Pain Loneliness and fragmentation are literally killing us.

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Why Millennials Are So Lonely. Faddis has already had conversations with Gov. No candidate since has come as close as that to Hoyer. The money race is not close, either.

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Another Republican, Dr. Mark Arness, a former Air Force physician and aviator, has also filed for the seat. Arness lives in Calvert County and introduces himself with a video on his campaign website. Professionals who know their trade do. We have effectively abandoned control over our southern border. Middle-aged Central American couples with children walk into this country unhindered everyday, but somehow we are expected to indulge the fantasy that we can stop terrorists from taking the same route.

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We define the interests that are threatened. We make a cold, calculated decision as to whether or not to intervene. If we do intervene, we go in with all resources at our disposal. We achieve victory.

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We come home. We do not need more forms or more meetings. We need competent, well-trained people and concrete, practical measures to secure passenger rail, chemical plants, nuclear plants, sporting venues and other high value targets. More recently, Faddis discussed with Homeland Security Today the danger of terrorists using Cobalt 60 in a dirty bomb. He has spent the six years since his retirement writing and commenting widely on national security and terrorism threats, and he seeks now to take that experience to the halls of Congress where it is so sorely needed.

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I recommend him without reservation. He served in the Near East, South Asia and Europe for 20 years, took the first CIA team into Iraq in nine months in advance of the invasion of that country, and retired as head of the CIA unit charged with pursuing terrorist weapons of mass destructionprograms worldwide. Continuing, Cowan said Faddis "has run large organizations, worked with entities across the US Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense and been involved with national security and foreign policy matters at the highest levels of our government … I absolutely recommend Sam without reservation, confident of his ability to contribute to our nation at a time when true, experienced leadership is so necessary.

Sam is a leader in the truest sense of the word. I never saw him flustered or at a loss for how to proceed.